The Truth about the Fox News Channel and Other Conservative Media

This website is here to explain which media are telling the truth about politics and other important issues and why, and which media are not telling the truth about politics and other important issues and why.

Before we begin you need to ask yourself these questions and think about your answers.

Do you want to know the truth about the political news media?  Would you rather hear fake news or hear the truth?  Do you like being lied to, or misled?  If you come to know you are being lied to by the media you are viewing, are you willing to accept the truth and just simply change the channel to hear the truth?  If you are not willing to change what you are viewing after knowing you are watching fake news, ask yourself why.  Is it because they are saying what you want to here, even when you know it is all lies?  If so, keep the lies, misinformation, and the hate and fear to yourself and do not spread the lies you know are not true.

What is Conservative Media?

Conservative media is the Fox News Channel and other Republican biased right-wing media.  It is mostly on TV, and social media, but includes any media.

Why do you need to know the truth about politics and other important issues in America?

Approximately 40% of Americans are viewing and listening to media that is not telling the truth almost all of the time and on purpose when it comes to politics and some important issues.  You need to ask yourself if you are one of these people, and are you sure. This misinformation by this media creates a division among Americans, creates incorrect views of others that are different from you, and distorts political facts. It creates anger and hatred towards others who do not look, think or act like you.  This kind of thinking is harmful to people, families and to our great nation.  People from other countries see what is happening and think Americans are foolish, misled and very stupid.   There is nothing wrong with people having differing political views on issues.  It is not OK for the media to provide misinformation, lies, and putting their spin on the truth misleading people creating unfounded hate, fear, and distrust.  You cannot vote for the best candidates if you do not have the facts.  If you are one of these 40%, you are probably not aware that you are being misled.  You may think that the media you do not view is not telling the truth or is fake news.  It does not matter what political party you belong to, you need to hear the truth and know who is telling the truth so you can vote for the best candidates, not be misled, and not be part of the problem dividing America.

How I know who is telling the truth and how you can know who is telling the truth.

I have been watching both the conservative media and mainstream news for many years.  I grew up in the 1950’s and 1960’s.  Back then there were only three TV networks and their national news and local news programs were all reporting only the truth and with no commentary by journalists from both political parties and there was no political agenda.  These three TV networks and a few new TV networks such as PBS, Fox, and BBC from England are all still reporting the news just as they have always done with just the news without commentary by journalists from both political parties with no agenda reporting only the verified truth and facts.  If you believe mainstream media has changed and is now fake news, then you need to not just take the word of the media you are viewing for it, but find out when, where, who, how, and why this mainstream media changed.  You will not be able to find the answer to these questions as there is no answer.  It never happened.  They have not changed. They are all still reporting the facts by journalists from both political parties.  If the media you are viewing is telling you that this mainstream media is fake news, or liberal news, or is not telling the truth, or has a political agenda, you are being lied to and misled by this media that is lying about this and just about everything else they are saying.  No matter who says otherwise and how many times they say otherwise, it does not change the facts.  There is only one truth and it is not hard to know the truth about political events as they are very public and easy to verify.  Just because all the right-wing media, and most of your friends are saying the same lies, does not ever make their lies true.  There, I just showed you how you can easily know which media is telling the truth.  Now, what are you going to do about it?  Are you going to just dismiss everything I just showed you that you can do to know the truth, or are you going to think about what I said and investigate further.  Continue reading as I provide much more information to help you know the truth about politics and political media.

Is the Fox News Channel a News Channel?

No, it is an entertainment channel. Even though it's middle name is News, it is not a news channel and no more a news channel than ABC, CBS, NBC, or FOX networks are news channels.  All these networks and FNC have news programs several times a day but none just report the news other than during a news segment.  Every time FNC is fighting a lawsuit for providing false information, their defense is always that they are not a news channel and are an entertainment channel.  Most of the programming on FNC is 1 to 5 hosts discussing politics and other issues with each other or with a few guests filled with lies and misinformation spreading hate and fear.

Why are the conservative right-wing media lying?

The simple answer is money, greed, pride and power.  For example, when the Fox News Channel was started over 20 years ago it was to be biased for Republicans, but it has gotten out of control and has become full of lies and just down right evil with it's lies, disinformation, misleading reporting of the facts, spinning of the truth, and lies spreading hate and fear towards others not like them such as people of color, Democrats, women and others.  The other right-wing media are just as bad or worse.

Most of my friends watch the FNC almost exclusively and believe everything they hear.  They are quick to tell me the latest misinformation they heard on FNC, and I have heard all the lies for many years.  I have debunked many of these lies when I wanted to and showed my friends they are wrong with no effect on their reality. They have assumed I am a Republican like them as nearly all people from my conservative state and conservative church are Republicans.  They just assumed I just did not believe them on this one topic.  I am a very conservative American and am not affiliated with any political party and I am not a liberal.  These friends of mine are good people who otherwise are seeking the truth.  I have had to stop a few friendships from those who constantly watch FNC and want to constantly spread the lies and misinformation they hear.  I have tried to tell several of my friends to not just watch the FNC and watch mainstream network channels as well to get a true perspective, and few have even tried it.  If you are spreading the lies you hear on the FNC and other conservative media, stop spreading the lies.  If you think the things you are told are true, then verify them from a reliable source.  If you do, you will see that they are lies or have a spin on the truth.  If you are one of these people who believe everything the FNC says, please do as I have suggested and seek the truth.  Don’t just watch the FNC.  I know if you are like most of my friends, you will not even try to seek the truth and just go on being fooled.  Now, after reading this page, if you continue believing the right-wing media, and don’t even try to learn the truth, then you are not just being fooled, you are a fool and will continue to be a part of the problem of the division in America.

Is The Fox News Channel evolving and getting worse?

I have seen a drastic change in what the Fox News Channel is reporting over the years.  It is well known that the FNC is biased towards the Republican party, but it has become the fake news and is distorting the truth on almost all political and some important issues.  The FNC is constantly reporting that the mainstream media is reporting fake news.  This is not true and is easy to verify if you watch both the FNC and mainstream news channels equally for just a few weeks.  To believe that the Dems have control over the media except for the FNC and other conservative media is giving the Dems way too much credit.  Every time I watch FNC and other conservative media I am unable to watch for more than about 15 minutes without hearing lies, disinformation, misinformation, propaganda, or false conspiracy theories about politics and some important issues such as Covid 19, or Covid 19 vaccines.  There are too many examples of the misinformation to start naming them.  You just need to watch both sides to be able to see the truth, and you will never even try if you do not have the desire to know the truth.  When you know the truth it is so easy to see the deception, and the deception is every day and nearly all the time and deliberate.

I am speaking out against the right-wing media because their lies have killed thousands of Americans!

My agenda is to help others know who is lying and who is telling the truth about politics and other important issues.  I hate lies and liars.  Liars have hurt me and my family, and are destroying America.  Lies destroy lives, families, and are destroying our Nation.  The lies and misinformation from the FNC, other right-wing media, and many Republican Politicians such as former President Trump and the MAGA Republicans have cost many thousands of Americans their lives.  People who believe their lies and are spreading these lies, are putting themselves and others at risk of dying.  Lies about Covid 19, Covid 19 Vaccines, climate change, widespread election fraud, and the January 6 insurrection are just a few lies that have resulted in the loss of many thousands of lives.  The biggest loss of life is from discouraging many people to not get the Covid 19 Vaccine.  Here is the biggest lie. "People who are vaccinated are getting Covid so the vaccine does not work and is not effective".  Yes, you can still get Covid if you are vaccinated, but you will not be hospitalized or die if you are vaccinated and boosted, unless you have a serious medical condition which is extremely rare.  The first part of this statement is true, but the second part is false.  This is misinformation or disinformation and it is the lie that has killed 300,000 to 500,000 Americans that have died from Covid 19.  This is about half of over 1,000,000 deaths from Covid 19 in America.  Currently about 400 people are still dying every day from Covid 19 in America, so this lie is still killing hundreds of Americans everyday.  Most of these people would not get vaccinated because they believe this false information from the conservative media.  What do you think of a group of people who are responsible for this many people dying and still dying everyday?  Are you helping to cause these deaths, or are you trying to prevent these deaths like I am?  Have you had the Covid 19 vaccine shots and the booster shots?  If not, why?  Is it because of the false information from the conservative media?  Are you going to die from Covid or get vaccinated?  I got Covid in March of 2022 and was sick for 3 weeks.  I had both my shots and my first booster.  If I had not been vaccinated, I would have died.  The vaccine saved my life!  I have since had my second booster, and will soon be getting the new Omicron booster this fall of 2022.  I know of many people that the vaccine saved their lives, and I know of many people who died because they did not get vaccinated. 

I have chosen to keep my identity secret.  I do not wish to discuss politics or issues with individuals.  I do not want recognition for helping others.  I just want to help others know the truth.  I diligently seek the truth in all things, and have done a very good job in doing so.  I will not be deceived by any lies by anyone.

What are the Democrats agenda and what about their news media?

The democrats have some issues, such as being too liberal on several issues, such as Queer rights and abortion.  I am not going to list all the changing letters of the Queer group.  It is a shame that the federal abortion rights for women for the past 50 years was not upheld as it was close to being right.  The difference with Democrats is they are not a party of lies and misinformation. They nominate good experienced candidates.  Their agenda is to do what is right for America and most Americans.  They want to provide programs to help the poor and the middle class.  They want the wealthy and corporations to pay their fair share of taxes.   They want better health insurance for all, and lower prescription drug prices.   Providing some of these benefits costs money and can raise taxes, but if they are able to raise taxes on the wealthy, it can more than offset these costs.  If you are being told by the media you listen to that the Democrats have any other agenda, it is not true and just another lie.  The Republican agenda is to provide legislation that benefits the wealthy and to stop the Democrats from passing any of their legislation.  Democrats view mainstream media, which I have already discussed.  They also view CNN and MSNBC.  CNN and MSNBC provide news and other programming, but just like the mainstream media they only report verified facts.  They are not perfect but seldom report anything incorrectly.  Even though they have similar programming like the FNC, they are very different.  They interview experts on the topic being discussed and not just the same old idiot contributors the FNC has used for many years who say what the viewers want to hear.  They do not talk over each other and their guests.  They do not name-call and belittle other people or groups of people.  They do sometimes laugh and make fun of some of the stupid things Republican Politicians or right-wing media say or do.  Again, they do not lie or provide misinformation.  They only report verified facts, and if they have a news story that has not yet been verified, they say it is not verified.  If you are being told by the media you listen to that these two channels are not telling the truth, it is not true and is just another lie.

Why are Republicans nominating the worst candidates for political positions from President to local representatives?

This section is just another discussion I thought might help others.  For more than 20 years republicans have been nominating the worst candidates for many political positions.   It started with the nomination of George W Bush in 2000 and continues today and will continue in the future until the republican party and the right-wing media and their lies and agenda have destroyed this nation.  Just look at the last two Republican Presidents.  They were by far the worst candidates and they were not only nominated but were both nominated again for a second term after their first term was a disaster.  Fortunately The former President lost the 2020 election.  I am sure the republican party will again nominate the worst candidate for President in the 2024 election.  This is because nothing good ever comes from lies, hate and fear.  The Republican party is not the same party of 30 to 40 years ago.  Not all Republicans believe all the media lies, but almost all believe some of the lies.  The Extremist Trump MAGA Republicans are the worst and are evil, are like a cult and completely full of lies. They claim to be conservative, but there is nothing conservative about their extreme agenda against abortion, women’s rights, the poor, people’s rights, and people of color.  Extremism can never conservative.

What you can do to help nominate the best candidates and help save America?

Stop watching and believing the right-wing media and then vote for the best candidates, even if you have to vote outside your political party.

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